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Expectation Therapy can benefit every person in any walk of life.

Art Costello is available for interviews or guest posts. He can tailor his Expectation Philosophy to suit your audience, giving them beneficial advice that will improve their lives.
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Art Costello - Relationships, Life Satisfaction Podcast
  The way we see and manage our own life is ultimately what leads us to our kind of satisfaction. Going against the expectations and limiting beliefs of the society, we ultimately find how we can truly improve our own lives. Certified professional coach Jennie Bellinger dives into relationships and
Art Costello - Change the World Podcast
  Some of us go around life circling within the loop of our own comfort zones that we keep ourselves from truly experiencing life. Going against that is Alison Donaghey, a cause and effect strategist, speaker, radio host, and author. Alison believes in thinking the opposite and changing the world by accepting our
Art Costello - The Amazing Human Podcast
  Most of us go through life just going through the motions. We become a less ideal version of ourselves. We settle, we’re stuck in the same spot, and we don’t know how to get out of it. Some of us are not even aware that we’re stuck. What does
  “You weren’t here by mistake. And each of us is a marvel in our own way. So it’s time for you to step up and burn for something.” –Belkis Clarke-Mitcham   Life could have been better without pain. But, it is with pain that we learn how to hope,
  “When your heart breaks open, more love comes out of it.”  –Nada Hogan   There’s something about the loss of a loved one that freezes life into a shelf. But it is when we hurt that we learn how to hope. Don’t shut your doors to the world. Step
  “There’s the word remarkable …that’s why our life looks so different from other people.” –Kristin Smedley   Don’t let your limitations limit what you can do! What you can achieve depends on how you make choices. The key to your epiphanies lies on slowing down and allowing yourself to

Shape Your Mindset

What really matters is your self-expectations. These are what shape your mindset, ignite your drive and boost your confidence. Your expectations for YOU are your greatest asset.

Ground-Breaking Therapy

Expectation Therapy is a ground-breaking way of thinking. By teaching you how to manage your personal expectations, it transforms how you process, communicate and perceive your goals.

Boost your confidence and get the tools for success to lead a more joyful life.

Your coaching session can be conducted by phone, Skype or in person if you live in the Texas area.

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