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Expectation Therapy can benefit every person in any walk of life.

Art Costello is available for interviews or guest posts. He can tailor his Expectation Philosophy to suit your audience, giving them beneficial advice that will improve their lives.
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  “The core of everything… is based on how we feel about ourselves.”  – Jonathan Masiulionis  Sometimes loving ourselves is a challenge that often results in negative emotions. We even tell ourselves that we should not cheat on some of the greatest experiences of our entire life. Today, Jonathan Masiulionis
  “Know that your prayers are heard and your dreams will be fulfilled.” -Holley Mignosi Stories are not merely an entertainment gizmo. Throughout human history, stories have been employed in teaching, motivating and preserving culture and tradition. This action is ingrained in our DNA that we do it unconsciously everyday.
  “You are the solution to someone else’s problems…  And we have an obligation to do whatever it takes to reach them.” -Steve Olsher  Going through fiery situations do not necessarily mean failure. Most of the time, your perseverance means you’re on the right track. Steve Olsher shares his epiphany
  “The secret to any failure is not to give up.” –Marian McSpadden We are born to experience life at its best. But can anyone really do that? Even before we were born, we were already imprisoned within our parents’ expectations of us, the culture we are raised into, and
   “You may not know where the journey is going to lead you but have faith in that journey… Great things are ahead.” -Alysson Bourque If you’re not happy enough with what you’re doing, perhaps that’s not what you should be doing. Sometimes, we make catastrophically poor choices with an
   “Recognize that you are mortal; you are not living forever.” Patrick Willis Death talks hold some eerie atmosphere around them. On top of that, superstitions add to it by giving the feeling that something bad will happen if you talk or even think about it. Hence, many individuals prefer

Shape Your Mindset

What really matters is your self-expectations. These are what shape your mindset, ignite your drive and boost your confidence. Your expectations for YOU are your greatest asset.

Ground-Breaking Therapy

Expectation Therapy is a ground-breaking way of thinking. By teaching you how to manage your personal expectations, it transforms how you process, communicate and perceive your goals.

Boost your confidence and get the tools for success to lead a more joyful life.

Your coaching session can be conducted by phone, Skype or in person if you live in the Texas area.

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