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Expectation Therapy can benefit every person in any walk of life.

Art Costello is available for interviews or guest posts. He can tailor his Expectation Philosophy to suit your audience, giving them beneficial advice that will improve their lives.
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  “Little steps every day add up to big transformative things in your life.” -Kim Chiarello   Are you happy and satisfied with the current flow of your life? If not, maybe it’s time you start on that change you’ve been putting off for some time now. In this episode,
  The world is about finding your own uniqueness and shining this light of uniqueness to the world.”  – Hanit Benbassat   Have you ever wished your life was full of adventures and excitement? Here’s one truth that you probably haven’t realized until now: Your uniqueness is the gateway to
  “The time is flying by, the next thing you know, it’s time to die.” – Lolita Guarin   We all want control over time that’s why we dig the idea of a time machine. Unfortunately, it’s never going to happen. Before we run out of it, we should really
  “Play is the work of the child.” – Jo Ann Gramlich   Play is an essential part of learning and growth. Children are naturally inclined to explore and experience the world and parents stand as the most powerful reinforcers of their educational process. As the new normal hits, parents
  “Keep discovering life and make that a lifelong process and you’re going to find a lot more happiness.”  – Melissa Lucas   The word, “search” comes with a promise: Those who search find; those who search more, find more. The opposite happens too. If you stop searching for it,
  “What is beautiful about you are all the amazing qualities that make you, you.” – Jaina Thatch   Real superheroes are found, not in the pages of a comic book, but in the pages of our everyday life. They are the ones that chose to wield their superpowers for

Shape Your Mindset

What really matters is your self-expectations. These are what shape your mindset, ignite your drive and boost your confidence. Your expectations for YOU are your greatest asset.

Ground-Breaking Therapy

Expectation Therapy is a ground-breaking way of thinking. By teaching you how to manage your personal expectations, it transforms how you process, communicate and perceive your goals.

Boost your confidence and get the tools for success to lead a more joyful life.

Your coaching session can be conducted by phone, Skype or in person if you live in the Texas area.

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