Let Yourself Be Who You Really Can Become with Lauren Griewski

There’s a reason why we are created unique and that uniqueness is what makes each one special and worthy. It’s not realized instantly, but the gifts that each person have leads to doors of many opportunities. Business expert, Lauren Griewski will walk us through the depths of self-love. People can be buried beneath others’ expectations that robs them off of their own power. This episode will help you take that power back and be who you can be.

Helping Reunite Families with Richard Villasana

Today’s podcast sends out a message of hope for these children. Our guest, Richard Villasana, shares the unspoken plights that foster kids battle everyday and how his non-profit helps them find their family. It’s all about the children. They reserve the right for a bright future as much as we do. Thus, this episode is a call to action for everyone. The responsibility and privilege of making a change is ours.

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